13 Feb 2017


Sometimes life can be awfully lonely and

13 Feb 2017

Sometimes life can be awfully lonely and anxious. Perhaps you don’t have the sense of fulfillment or connection in life that you want. This work is about far more than symptoms, it’s about the deeper place of who you are. It’s from this place that connection and lasting change will come. It can be vulnerable, but so very brave, to seek help. I offer a safe, comfortable space to process your feelings, and begin moving toward change. Relationships have the power to hurt us, but it is also within relationship that we can be healed.

Therapy is most effective when you feel like you can be yourself. With all the anger, melancholy, and anxiousness. It is from this place that your greatest relief and change comes from. You’re not alone in this work and it is something that we do together.

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