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Freak Out

Former member of Moldy Peaches Green now creates wild and wonderful paintings as well as an original production entitled Aladdin.

How To

Being and staying creative isn’t magic, it’s work. This diagram breaks down how to get it done.

Creatively Depressed

So many of the things that make you creative can also make you have a tendency to wallow, but there are ways make them work to your advantage.

Point A

If you don’t know what you want, how on Earth are you ever going to achieve it? Sometimes the first step is just figuring that out.

Hunt & Gather

Music Supervisor Andrew Kahn knows a thing or two about mixtapes. Find something new, weird or that one song you forgot about on his blog.

Ain’t Got No/I Got Life

Nina Simone’s song is both defiant and joyous. It ebbs and flows under the basic premise: you don’t need anything except to be alive. Something we’d all do good to remember in a time of conspicuous consumption.