Where does anxiety begin – How do you treat it in therapy?
04 Feb 2024

Where does anxiety begin – How do you treat it in therapy?

How are you doing? Most of you

04 Feb 2024

How are you doing?

Most of you have probably seen the recent post that went viral from Elmo asking the question “How are you doing?”… It is no surprise the number of responses the post attracted. This is one of the many ways Sesame Street seems to often understand what the world needs more than we often acknowledge!

Why were there so many responses to Elmo’s post? Elmo saw that simply asking others how they were feeling allowed the space for individuals to feel seen and express their true feelings. Most of us never pause long enough to have such a connection with others around us thru the day rather we are preoccupied with getting to our next destination or simply distracted with our own minds, phones, etc..

Another area where those on Sesame Street is often more evolved is in regard to their approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Every character on Sesame Street connect accept each other despite differences in appearance, cultural background, temperament, skills, and gender.

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On Sesame Street they know life needs to be FUN!

From taking a bath with a rubber ducky to singing the alphabet while sitting on a stoop…There is always fun to have on Sesame Street. We ALL need to find joy in our days . Having fun makes us more productive, optimistic, healthier, calmer, and overall happier.

On Sesame Street they know supporting each other benefits more than competing with each other. No matter what the game is or who the players are on Sesame Street everyone wants to support and build each other up rather than pushing others down to win. In life we often see the lack of authenticity and integrity that occurs when one is focused on winning no matter the cost.

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On Sesame Street they know living mindfully is the healthiest way of living . Identification and acknowledgement of emotions is the norm on Sesame Street. Often in our world individuals fear feeling or acknowledging their emotions. Many numb with social media, substances, spending, and controlling their environments or others which creates mental health struggles, disconnection, and conflict.

On Sesame Street they know a challenge always brings a lesson. Everyone on Sesame Street accepts that challenges may come their way and look toward the lesson and growth that those challenges will bring. In our world, we often become paralyzed or resistant to challenges and as a result prevent ourselves from the value or growth that can occur as we move thru the challenges.

We can all benefit from a little influence of Sesame Street in our lives.

As adults we could utilize some of those lessons more than our children! Therefore- take a pause next time your kiddo has an episode running and see what gifts Sesame Street can bring you

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Many individuals identify themselves as “Im an Anxious Person” or I’m a Depressed Person” as if it’s their identity! However, anxiety and depression are emotional and mental states we experience so they can never be WHO we are but rather WHAT we are feeling or thinking. When one identifies themselves as what they feel or how they think then they are also disempowering themselves to shift the feeling.

For example- individuals that struggle with anxiety or OCD often have a strong desire to have certainty around things. If those individuals see this pattern as “just who they are” then they will never believe they can experience the freedom of accepting the uncertainty of life (which they can).

Another example we often hear is “I am a mess”, which can have so many negative implications. Not only is that statement degrading to oneself, it also implies the individual is out of control or unable to help themselves or the situation. It would be more rational and helpful to say “ I FEEL incredibly confused or sad or disappointed” rather than define oneself as “a mess”.

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The words we put after “I am…” can be some of the most powerful in that they can create empowerment, resilience, helplessness, limitations, and more..The words also can help us to see a situation as permanent or temporary, as a challenge or failure, and as out of control or with options.

Take an audit of what words you put after “I am..” and see if they are limiting or disempowering you.
Simply making the shift away from defining who you are from how you feel or think can be quite powerful!

When the fear of not knowing keeps you from living

There are a handful of certainties in life: we all need food & water. We all die someday. We all lock ourselves out of our apartments at least once. (Wait, no? Just me? Moving on…)

However, what takes up more space in our world is uncertainty. For many of us, this can feel daunting.

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You might notice that the fear of uncertainty creeps into your feelings & actions in subtle ways:

Feeling anxious when you don’t know what will happen next; ruminating about the “what ifs”
Feeling a sense of urgency to get things done right away
Excessively planning and preparing for all things
Reluctance to delegate tasks to others → taking on more than you can handle
Difficulty trying new things, going to new places, or being spontaneous
Avoiding change of any kind
Rigidity of thought (“It can only be done in this way or else”)
Ultimately, trying to extinguish all uncertainty is a fool’s errand: It is simply impossible.

So, if it is unavoidable, how do we learn to live with it? It reminds me of how I ask my clients who work in (and have a love/hate relationship with) NYC: How have you learned to live with the rats? ;)

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Here are some tips:

Reflect: What is my relationship to uncertainty? We first need to grow awareness on what is before we can move towards what can be. Reflect on early times where you experienced uncertainty. What was that like for Little You? What emotions do you associate with it as a result? Spend time exploring all the nooks and crannies.

Seek out the positives of uncertainty. Consider: when might I welcome uncertainty? For example, you may relish in not-knowing about something like a surprise party, being proposed to, or knowing the gender of your baby. Here, the not-knowing is part of the fun!

Use history as a teacher. You can cope with uncertainty because you have before — you probably do everyday! Think of times where you got through uncertainty, and identify coping skills you used that you can replicate now. (example: the uncertainty we all faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and using coping skills like seeking social support, staying informed, using health precautions)

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Find meaning. Whether you derive meaning from religion, spirituality, or belief systems like “Everything happens the way it’s meant to,” “I grow and learn through hardship,” this is a good time to lean on those pillars. It helps us hold perspective and cultivate hope.

Recognize what you can control. Identify what is in your control. This will give you a sense of security while also keeping you realistic. You will be able to recognize where your energy is useful vs where it is wasted.

We will leave you with a poignant quote on the subject…

“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.”
― Gilda Radner, American actress & comedian

Many believe anxiety starts with sensations they feel in their body such as with their heart racing, light headedness, or chest tightness.

However, those sensations are only part of the story..

Anxiety is like a tag team between your mind and body. When you worry or stress, your body can react with things like a racing heart, tense muscles, shortness of breath, sweating, or stomach troubles. Those experiences are associated with what we define as a fight-or-flight response.

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Your body’s fight-or-flight response is like an alarm system.

It gets activated when your mind thinks there’s danger, even if there’s no real threat. This release of stress hormones can cause those physical symptoms. Anxious thoughts and physical symptoms then create a loop. The thoughts cause physical reactions, which lead to more anxious thoughts. For example, feeling your heart race might make you think you’re having a heart attack, which ramps up anxiety even more.

When you can identify the thoughts associated with the physical symptoms by asking what am I MOST concerned about at this moment or in the past few days then the source of the anxiety can truly be addressed. Such sources can include a response from a past trauma, desire for control, fear of the unpredictable, needing certainty, and more.

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