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On High

Photographer Humza Deas climbs the buildings of New York to get unbelievable images that make even the most mundane views seem otherworldly.

Mix-and-Match Spirituality

Young people are approaching religion from a highly individualistic view. What does that mean for faith and religion in the 21st Century?

The Places In Between

Rory Stewart’s incomparable memoir of his walk across Afghanistan in 2002 is at once lonely, engaging, frightening, funny, humbling and transcendent. There’s no better example of the simplicity of humanity.


Roxx channels something from somewhere else to create an interesting hybrid of traditional and personal art.

Top of Red Rock

Since we have found ourselves in the era of the bucket list, add Red Rocks Amphitheater to yours. The view seems to make sad songs sadder, anthems even bigger, and everything sound better.

To Build a Home

Sometimes you want music that feels as viscerally big as it sounds. The Cinematic Orchestra lives up to their name with this anthemic song that feels as large as the Universe, yet with a message that is as simple as coming home.

Me and the Universe

Cartoonist Anders Nilsen explains wear he fits between the Big Bang and the Apocalypse, and makes even the most complex evolutions easy to understand.

Survival Tale

Terry Anderson was held captive for almost 7 years in Lebanon. In this video, he describes the emotional toll of that experience and what he held onto so that he might survive.

The Book of Strange New Things

An eye opening novel about the Bible, extraterrestrials and life on Earth when your husband is in space. Faber questions love, theology, space travel and end times.

Pale Blue Dot

An early unpublished version of Sagan’s most quoted passage shows his process and that even he could not deny the power of anaphora.

Comet McNaught

Robert McNaught has discovered hundreds of comets (including the biggest in human history), and yet, he never stops searching the night sky for something else.

Deep Dark Down

Hector Tobar tells the horrific and inspiring story of the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine for 69 days. It says volumes about the human spirit.


Who knows if you can track such a thing, but this app, at the very least, makes you aware of how you think about spirituality in your daily life.

An Astounding Fact

Neil De Grasse Tyson tells an astounding fact of the Universe and explains how we are not only connected on this planet, but through space and time.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Mortician Caitlin Doughty has a unique perspective on the death industry and what we could do to improve it as well as our experience when our loved ones pass away.

Islam, Judaism, Christianity

An scholar discusses the relationship between Islam and the other two ‘universal’ religions…and finds both similarities and shared imperfections.

Religion for Atheists

Alain de Botton explains why you don’t have to be a believer to gain something from the complex organizations that have formed around the world’s thriving religions.


Hans Zimmer wrote this piece for the film The Thin Red Line. It is impossible not to feel both the sadness and the hope in it (that might be why it’s in every over dramatic trailer since).

The Empties

Row writes, “None of the old endings played out, did they? So we have to imagine new endings. Hence the possibility for hope.”

God’s Funeral

A.N. Wilson ponders the different thinkers, philosophers and famous figures whose findings and theories began to dismantle religion.

We Feel Fine

Harvesting the Internet for people using the phrase ‘I feel’, Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar have created an artwork that lives and breathes, and makes even a cynic feel a part of something.


Voltaire skewers everyone from priests to philosophers in this short and brilliant tome for doubters. It’s a comfort knowing that people are questioning everything as much as you may be.

Is That All There Is?

Maybe you just don’t know why you should care anymore, maybe you never have. Any way you slice it, Peggy feels exactly the same way.


McGinley’s latest gallery show entitled Yearbook includes this shot of a man beautifully lost in the moment.

Be Better

The Superior Person’s Book of Words seems like a gag gift you might get for Christmas, and yet, there are few moments more victorious than employing one of these words properly.

Our Own Truth

The second act from an episode of This American Life illuminates an important difference between perception and reality. It turns out that you can create an origin story for yourself without even knowing it.

A True Broad

No one ever accused Ellen Barkin of playing the part of a shrinking violet…and the world is better for it.

Customized Classics

Remember when you felt like you were Jane Eyre? You related to every single emotion and thought Bronte wrote? Give yourself a mildly narcissistic boost by actually becoming the main character.

Dancing On My Own

It’s safe to say the world would be a better place, if we all felt the exhilaration one gets listening to this song more often.


Canada’s favorite son Sam Roberts tells us what we all know, but don’t like to admit.

The Wayfaring Band

The Wayfaring Band organizes road trips and getaways for special needs children and young adults. There isn’t a more joyful and inspiring Instagram feed out there.

Yes, Please

Poehler talks SNL, Parks and Rec, and the power of recognizing and embracing your ‘currency’.


A site that allows you to create and share your story, and view what others have to say without ads and other nonsense.

Freedom ’90!

You know the feeling when you want soundtrack when you enter the room? This song is the perfect accompaniment to making an entrance.

A Photographer Found

The mystery of the nanny turned photographer remains, but her startling images of people in New York and Chicago provide vivid images of individual life.

Changing My Mind

Zadie Smith’s book of essays from 2009 can be described as a simple collection of musings, reviews and observations, but they paint a vivid portrait of Smith – and prove the 21st Century adage, ‘you are what you like.’

Live Like a Mighty River

Hughes might be more well-known for his troubled marriage with Sylvia Plath, but this letter encouraging his son to embrace his ‘childish self’ is a thing of beauty and filled with advice we should all follow.

Sontag on Activism

Susan Sontag is known for her writing, but after experiencing harrowing conditions in Sarajevo in the 90’s, she found a different way to exercise her intellect in activism.

San Francisco B.C.

Remember that scene from Saturday Night Fever when Travolta walks down the street to the BeeGees? David Berman’s Silver Jews brings the same swagger to give you a little confidence for your next strut.

Taken for Granted

We take for granted the many things our brain does so easily, this look at one man’s brain after an accident shows how quickly even identity can be lost.

The Lazarus Project

Aleksander Hemon weaves an unsolved mystery and coming of age story into an impossibly beautiful tale of finding one’s roots.