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Art as Therapy

Their mission is simple: a tool to put you in contact with particular works of art that are helpful to look at when facing certain problems. Sounds good to us!


Music does crazy things to your brain. Oliver Sacks explains why it does, while telling some amazing stories of rare syndromes and bizarre accidents.

The Way (Feat. Mac Miller)

The early to mid 90’s were a boon for the easy workout hit. Ariana Grande seems to have gotten lost in a wormhole and is channeling that bygone era of hypercolor with full force.

A Poisoned Seed

The tale of a young man finding and losing himself in the wilderness gets a new ending due to a new report on the seeds Christopher McCandless subsisted on in dire times. Jon Krakauer finds a tragic link between the man’s much debated cause of death and an upsetting episode in history.