Tegan Quin on Real Wealth
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Tegan Quin on Real Wealth

The singer knows what it’s like to try your hand at what you love and why it’s always the right choice.

Tegan Quin is one half of the duo Tegan and Sara along with her afore-mentioned twin sister. They’ve made a career out of songs that are as confessional as they are catchy. We asked her for her help because she’s as honest as they come and is easily one of our favorite people.

“Everyone says that doing what you love is in it’s own way a dream. I’m not a fan of that way of thinking. After working so hard for more than a decade ‘doing what I love,’ I know it’s more about hard work than daydreams. I believing in digging in and getting things done, and you’ll see the rewards no matter what the job.”

Tegan Suggests…