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This video asks how culture, society, and technology continue to affect creativity. A worthwhile question to ask in our own lives.

Tanned, Leggy Companion

There is a lot to enjoy in this, so here is something to get you started: “The writer has to be responsible to signs and dreams. If you don’t do anything with it, you lose it.”

The Melting House

This wax instillation of a life size home will be manually melted over 30 days to celebrate the history of the neighborhood where it now resides. Form your own opinion about what it all means.

Gene Wilder on Truth

In this snippet from PBS’ Blank on Blank, Wilder gives some very wise advice from his childhood and explains why sometimes staying at home is the best.


We put words to so many things, sometimes it’s good just to appreciate and get lost in the image. French illustrator Anne Brugni takes her collage work to the next level in this book.

Jump Into the Fire

This might remind you of an unforgettable scene from Goodfellas, but there’s so much more in this very contained ode to insanity.