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Princess Bride

A history of the continued cultural relevance of the movie that taught us the danger of land wars in Asia.

Jane Austen, Plushy

Who needs stuffed animals when you could get your loved one a stuffed historical figure by illustrator Chen Reichert?

Long-term Love

This video series from the Guardian asks point blank, “How do you do it?” It never hurts to listen those who have been there and done that.

The Backseat

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are the most famous couple in modern history. Beyond the marriages, the affairs, the movies, the makeup, and the alcohol, there was true love… in the backseat of a car.

Updike on Family Life

John Updike reminisces about moving out of New York after having a family and the changes it brought about, not to mention how things have changed in the city itself.


Big, romantic, sweeping – everything you want in a made for radio ballad from the most famous pop star around. It’s a little fast for slow dancing, but it’s ok to feel like an eighth grader when you listen to it.