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No Children

The Mountain Goats perfect articulate the feeling when a relationship has gone past the point of no return and all the way to hate.

The Calculus of Love

Ambition collides with mathematics in this short film by Dan Clifton that will remind you that things always come back to the surface.


These days data is everything, but The Atlantic dissects how it still can’t crack the human heart.

Suite Francaise

Irene Nemirovsky died in Auschwitz never to see this work published, but it remains as a testament to the strange realities of love and circumstance.

Bell Bottom Blues

This is not a subtle song, but sometimes when you’re lost and begging and hoping for something that might just be an impossibility, subtle is not in your vocabulary.

I Couldn’t Say It to Your Face

Arthur Russell’s career was cut short by his death, but this – his most famous song – is a perfect glimpse into how someone else’s heartbreak can help you with your own.