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This app hopes to even the playing field for older generations looking for a love connection.


James Govan never got famous, in fact, it took 45 years after his album was recorded for it to be released. Yet, these original songs and Bob Dylan covers are hidden masterpieces. Perfect for slow dancing and crying yourself asleep alike.

I Was a Fool

Tegan explained this song during the Heartthrob Track-by-Track video series, “The lyrical content of the song is the idea that I repeatedly packed my bags but I didn’t leave, I stood still – that relationships like mine don’t get fixed and that made me a fool.”

Fool That I Am

This song is the sonic embodiment of that feeling in the pit of your stomach when it seems all is lost. Etta James did a lot of things well, but this might have been her specialty. She has been wronged and she’s feeling every bit of it.

You’ll Never Know

Feeling sad and need a good old standard to cry to? This gem from a then 13-year-old Barbra Streisand is shows a haunting knowledge beyond her years.