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From the guy that brought you all those ill-advised hook ups and subpar dates comes an intriguing take on all the data we’re putting out into the ether about ourselves.

Orphan Train

A well-told tale of two women sharing a story decades apart that includes a look at a disturbing chapter in New York’s public policy.


Sometimes stupid things are great. This random app let’s you send messages to your friends and loved ones synced up with animation and voice altering software.

We keep secrets to protect ourselves and others, but everyone does it. This site is an intoxicating look into the lives of everyone else (whoever they may be).

Eartha on Compromise

It is said you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself. Eartha Kitt’s take on this is equal parts funny, disturbing and endlessly watchable. Laugh like her today.

A Thing Called Love

“Six foot six standing on the ground and even he can be brought down by love…” It’s true even the giants can be brought to their knees by love… even a laughing, joking, long lost Elvis.