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On High

Photographer Humza Deas climbs the buildings of New York to get unbelievable images that make even the most mundane views seem otherworldly.

Mix-and-Match Spirituality

Young people are approaching religion from a highly individualistic view. What does that mean for faith and religion in the 21st Century?

The Places In Between

Rory Stewart’s incomparable memoir of his walk across Afghanistan in 2002 is at once lonely, engaging, frightening, funny, humbling and transcendent. There’s no better example of the simplicity of humanity.


Roxx channels something from somewhere else to create an interesting hybrid of traditional and personal art.

Top of Red Rock

Since we have found ourselves in the era of the bucket list, add Red Rocks Amphitheater to yours. The view seems to make sad songs sadder, anthems even bigger, and everything sound better.

To Build a Home

Sometimes you want music that feels as viscerally big as it sounds. The Cinematic Orchestra lives up to their name with this anthemic song that feels as large as the Universe, yet with a message that is as simple as coming home.