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Me and the Universe

Cartoonist Anders Nilsen explains wear he fits between the Big Bang and the Apocalypse, and makes even the most complex evolutions easy to understand.

Survival Tale

Terry Anderson was held captive for almost 7 years in Lebanon. In this video, he describes the emotional toll of that experience and what he held onto so that he might survive.

The Book of Strange New Things

An eye opening novel about the Bible, extraterrestrials and life on Earth when your husband is in space. Faber questions love, theology, space travel and end times.

Pale Blue Dot

An early unpublished version of Sagan’s most quoted passage shows his process and that even he could not deny the power of anaphora.

Comet McNaught

Robert McNaught has discovered hundreds of comets (including the biggest in human history), and yet, he never stops searching the night sky for something else.