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The Empties

Row writes, “None of the old endings played out, did they? So we have to imagine new endings. Hence the possibility for hope.”

God’s Funeral

A.N. Wilson ponders the different thinkers, philosophers and famous figures whose findings and theories began to dismantle religion.

We Feel Fine

Harvesting the Internet for people using the phrase ‘I feel’, Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar have created an artwork that lives and breathes, and makes even a cynic feel a part of something.


Voltaire skewers everyone from priests to philosophers in this short and brilliant tome for doubters. It’s a comfort knowing that people are questioning everything as much as you may be.

Is That All There Is?

Maybe you just don’t know why you should care anymore, maybe you never have. Any way you slice it, Peggy feels exactly the same way.