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Ooh La La

If you’re over 30, this feeling will become as familiar to you as your own shadow. Faces perfectly express how hindsight is, indeed, 20/20.

Tiny House Living

We’re taught to value space above all in our homes and apartments, but that isn’t always what we need. This blog look at another way of thinking.

Technology and Productivity

This report from NPR gives the latest findings of how our increased reliance on technology effects our productivity and what it might mean for society.

How to Speak About Money

Breakdown the language of economics and finance, so the confusion about what is actually happening during recessions and scandals does not turn to fear.

The New Mecca

Anyone can go to Dubai and be awed, but only George Saunders write about with such weird humor.

Utopia or Bust

Benjamin Kunkel wrote a hit novel and then seemingly disappeared in Argentina. He has reemerged as a socialist and with an interesting look of the 2008 financial crisis.