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Jeffries photographs homeless citizens around the world. His shots are haunting reminders of the have nots and those that have been forgotten on the fringes of society.

Bombay Beach

Alma Har’el’s abstract and beautiful film about the Salton Sea – the depressed, apocalyptic result of an American financial boom.


Jane Austen might be dismissed by some as an author preoccupied by love, but since all of her stories delve into the relationship between class and love, she often finds herself talking more about finances than sweet nothings.

Hester Street Market

Lower East Side of Manhattan has seen a lot. Now it is host to hipsters and yuppies alike, but it took a century of toil and trouble to get there.

I Need a Life

Ever wake up with the thought: if I’m so smart and capable, why am I so bad at life? This song is for you.

Iron Sky

Maybe it’s The Great Dictator quote right in the middle, but you can hear the impending doom we all feel about life in this song. You don’t get many message songs anymore, so it’s refreshing to hear a balladeer like Paolo Nutini be so forceful.