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McGinley’s latest gallery show entitled Yearbook includes this shot of a man beautifully lost in the moment.

Be Better

The Superior Person’s Book of Words seems like a gag gift you might get for Christmas, and yet, there are few moments more victorious than employing one of these words properly.

Our Own Truth

The second act from an episode of This American Life illuminates an important difference between perception and reality. It turns out that you can create an origin story for yourself without even knowing it.

A True Broad

No one ever accused Ellen Barkin of playing the part of a shrinking violet…and the world is better for it.

Customized Classics

Remember when you felt like you were Jane Eyre? You related to every single emotion and thought Bronte wrote? Give yourself a mildly narcissistic boost by actually becoming the main character.

Dancing On My Own

It’s safe to say the world would be a better place, if we all felt the exhilaration one gets listening to this song more often.