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A Photographer Found

The mystery of the nanny turned photographer remains, but her startling images of people in New York and Chicago provide vivid images of individual life.

Changing My Mind

Zadie Smith’s book of essays from 2009 can be described as a simple collection of musings, reviews and observations, but they paint a vivid portrait of Smith – and prove the 21st Century adage, ‘you are what you like.’

Live Like a Mighty River

Hughes might be more well-known for his troubled marriage with Sylvia Plath, but this letter encouraging his son to embrace his ‘childish self’ is a thing of beauty and filled with advice we should all follow.

Sontag on Activism

Susan Sontag is known for her writing, but after experiencing harrowing conditions in Sarajevo in the 90’s, she found a different way to exercise her intellect in activism.

San Francisco B.C.

Remember that scene from Saturday Night Fever when Travolta walks down the street to the BeeGees? David Berman’s Silver Jews brings the same swagger to give you a little confidence for your next strut.