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Taken for Granted

We take for granted the many things our brain does so easily, this look at one man’s brain after an accident shows how quickly even identity can be lost.

The Lazarus Project

Aleksander Hemon weaves an unsolved mystery and coming of age story into an impossibly beautiful tale of finding one’s roots.

Dummy Land

A dispatch from a convention of ventriloquists that is both hilarious and enlightening.


Have you belted out a song today? If the answer is no, start with this ditty by Sara Bareilles. It’s infectious.

Ramadan in Yemen

An intimate look at a culture and time that often gets lost in headlines and politics. In 1993, photographer Max Pam built a beautiful portrait of Yemeni Muslims during the holiest of months.


Paul Simon’s take on nostalgia is surprisingly open and cheerful. His reflections are on point no matter where you find yourself in life.